Bring calmness into your home-buy a plant

It has been shown that a feeling of calmness and serenity can be brought into the home by positioning green plants at strategic places in the rooms. Many interior designers use plants to draw the eye to a particular feature or to conceal an unattractive area whilst some choose plants that are a talking point. The choice of houseplants is immense and so to get an idea of what is available a visit to your local garden centre is worthwhile.

A large floor-standing plant provides a focal point in any room but unfortunately not everyone has the space. If space is not an issue, then a large swiss cheese plant with dark green glossy leaves in the corner of the room will be a striking feature for any home.

In order to keep your plants in a healthy condition water them well but ensure that the water can drain out of the main pot. Most plants should be fed during the summer months with a balanced liquid fertiliser and some plants can be put outside in the warmer weather.

When choosing an indoor plant consider a plant with feathery leaves such as a type of fern as these plants with their delicate fronds give the impression of serenity and calm to any room.

Improve your security at your home by investing in lighting

It may sound like a simple solution, but lighting really can help aid your security at home. Many of us try so hard to not waste electricity and cut down on our bills by ensuring that lights are off, but this could in fact leave us vulnerable.

For years people have been leaving a light on in their home when they go out, but burglars have quickly wised up to this and it’s time to be a little more creative. Leaving a light on in your hall way when you go out or go on holiday is often not enough as a burglar often surveys a house a few times before breaking in and if they notice that you are doing this when out, it may even help them to know when is the best time to strike.

There are a number of different devices and apps that allow you to turn your house in to a smart home. You will be able to turn lights, sound systems and TV’s on and off remotely. You can set them to come on and off at certain times throughout the day or you can do it from your mobile device. This is a much more realistic way of making it look like your home is occupied when it isn’t. Garden lights and security lights can also act as a deterrent.  

Keeping your luxury kitchen clean without causing damage

There are so many cleaning products on the market now a days that it is difficult to know which are the safest to use in a luxury kitchen with high quality units and worktops. The kitchen manufacturers will offer guidance on what not to use but often resort to the caveat of simple wiping down with washing up liquid and a damp cloth. If this does not do the job what are the safest cleaning products to use on my expensive kitchen appliances and fittings?

There is an ever-growing range of eco-friendly cleaning products on the market promoting products that contain no harmful ingredients whilst boasting about their cleaning power. These products would be ideal to use in the kitchen as you could fill assured that they would not cause damage due to their composition.

It is worth researching natural cleaning solutions such as lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda as these would be a gentle way of cleaning surfaces without using harsh chemicals. Be wary of using some natural products however because although natural they may cause damage on natural surfaces such as wood.

Natural wood worksurfaces should have been treated with oil on installation and this should be repeated regularly to protect the surface from stains due to spills of liquid.

Three Reasons to Consider Rooflights

Rooflights are a premium option for many, but they can do so much for a property that really, than should be considered as standard more often. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider a rooflight for your home:

  1. Rooflights can make your home feel bigger. When a house of flat is lighter and brighter, it can feel larger as well. You won’t have to do anything (like build an extension or make the ceiling higher) to feel like you have more space – simply creating more light can do that for you.
  2. Rooflights let in more natural light. it is thought that most rooflights can let in more natural light than a vertical window of the same size. This can be really quite a dramatic amount, so you get better value for money when buying a rooflight instead.
  3. They are a good aesthetic design feature. Rooflights can be a beautiful, modern design feature, perfect for homes of all ages and styles.

What Constitutes a Luxury Kitchen in a London home?

The kitchen: one of the most important parts of the home. In London especially, where space is always at a premium in the home, it’s essential that kitchens are designed and configured around the space that’s available, whilst still remaining elegant and function. There’s great demand for the luxury kitchens London homes boast, so much so that some companies specialise in designing and installing only the most high specification, premium kitchens. But what actually makes a kitchen luxury, and why is it so important to have a kitchen that makes a statement?

When looking at the meaning of the word luxury, two elements really stand out: elegance and comfort. Kitchens that are classed as luxury will go far above and beyond the usual and will stand out in a class of their own. This is especially important in London homes, for homeowners who want the very best.

If you are having a luxury kitchen installed, these are some of the features that might make it stand out:

  • Appliances. The ovens and hobs you choose will undoubtedly be from the leading luxury brands, giving you additional settings and cooking options. You might also choose more premium accessories such as warming drawers, waste disposal units and hot water taps. These are appliances that aren’t essential, but will make a big difference to a kitchen, placing them firmly in the ‘luxury’ bracket.
  • Work surfaces. The most standard worktops will usually be made of laminates, but if you’re having a truly premium and luxurious kitchen fitted, you might choose to go for something such as granite. Marble is also an option, though it will need to be properly sealed and often isn’t especially suitable for kitchens – granite tends to be the more practical choice. You might also choose an option such as hardwood, or mirror chip quartz if you’d like something sparkly.
  • Sinks and taps. Belfast sinks are the most obvious luxury sink type. If you have a more modern kitchen, you might also opt for an undermount sink, which will need to be fitted into a hard worktop. These are usually made of stainless steel and will really make a statement. You should choose taps that complement the sink you have as well, and make sure they’re in a finish that matches with the handles and other accessories in your kitchen. It’s key that everything looks uniform in a luxury kitchen.
  • Cabinet frontals. Choose high fashion options like high gloss, or more traditional wooden frontals. Often in more luxurious kitchens, frontals and cabinets will be handmade to order so that they fit perfectly into your kitchen (ideal for London apartments) and you can completely personalise their appearance.
  • Heating and lighting. Underfloor heating can really help to make your kitchen feel more special, and there’ll be no need for radiators, giving you back more wall space and making the room look more minimalist.
  • Refrigerators. Large American fridge freezers are highly popular and give your kitchen real personality. They’re available from some of the leading brands in kitchen appliances and come in various colours and finishes too, from pastel palettes to strong, modern colours like black and chrome.

Is your Rooflight Ready to be Replaced?

Modern rooflights can be very long lasting, giving their best for 20 years or more in many cases. If you have older rooflight though, they might not be as advanced and will probably need to be replaced after a few years. There are some tell-tale signs you can look out for to see if your rooflight might need to be replaced.

First of all, the most noticeable visual sign is condensation. If the seal is broken or the glazing is old, the rooflight might begin to get condensation forming on it. If this happens when it didn’t used to, there is definitely cause for concern.

The next thing you might notice is a drop in temperature. This can be quite distinct and can make a room uncomfortable. If you have an older rooflight that is letting in a draught or has cold spots around it, you should consider a new rooflight with better u-values.

How Secure are Metal Driveway Gates?

Homeowners and tenants install driveway gates for myriad reasons. Some like the look of them and think they make their home look more sophisticated. For others, it might be about stopping other people parking in front of their driveway – they can have many practical benefits. But one of the main reasons people install driveway gates is to keep their property secure. Metal driveway gates are popular with people who are installing gates as a security measure, but just how safe are they really? Can they do much to enhance the security of a property?

To some extent, questioning the security of a metal driveway gate is like asking an impossible question. There are so many different variables, that it’s hard to give a general answer. However, as long as the gates are well made and strong, it’s likely that they are going to really enhance the security of your home, and go a long way towards securing it.

As with anything, there will be certain features that will make particular types of meta driveway gate more secure than others. If you are thinking of installing a driveway gate for your home and security is a top concern, then you might want to think about the following:

  • Choose taller gates. Some metal gates are short and are quite clearly just for decoration. They will provide little in the way of security benefits as a person could easily climb over the top of them. Choosing taller gates that aren’t easy to climb over is the simple answer for homeowners who care about the safety and security of their properties.
  • Be careful about the type of metal you choose. A material like steel will be a good option, as this is very strong and can’t be easily damaged or dented.
  • Keep your gates in good condition. As soon as metal driveway gates start to look older, they can become an easier target for thieves. If you don’t want your gates to give you away as an easy target, make sure you maintain them well. This will involve ensuring they are free from rust, they are well oiled at the hinges and they don’t have any visible damage on them.
  • Make sure your gates are the perfect fit. If you install gates that don’t fit into the opening properly, this is asking for trouble. It would be much easier to damage the gates, as they would probably be a little loose and won’t fit into the space properly. Take your measurements carefully and if you can’t find a set of metal gates that will fit perfectly, think about getting some gates custom made instead. This can be a great decision for people who have awkwardly spaced gate posts.

These are just some of the steps you can take to make your metal gates as secure as possible. Nothing is foolproof so you should maintain your gates well and uphold similarly high levels of security throughout your home. However, metal driveway gates can certainly help you to feel more secure in your house.

Rooflights for All Occasions

Rooflights are for all occasions. They can be used when you don’t have enough natural light, when you’d prefer a different aesthetic, when you want to make the most of the space you have… It’s all possible with a rooflight. However, it does mean that you have to choose the right kind, which requires some research and some opinions.

Think about what means the most to you. There will be a rooflight to meet your needs: you just need to know what they are. There will be the right rooflight for all occasions and for all homeowners too.

Rooflights can be multipurpose. For example, they can make your home lighter in summer when you want more sunlight, and warmer in winter when you want better insulation. Don’t rule out a rooflight based on what you think you want. Look into what they can offer and find out for sure what they can do for you.

The Most Modern Way to Extend your Home

Home extensions are becoming increasingly popular, as moving is so expensive and families don’t want the inconvenience. An extension can add a lot of space and a great deal of value – it’s a situation that most families see as being positive all round. Yet to build an extension is a lot of work, and it can be difficult to bring in much natural light to the space – you can very easily end up feeling closed in, especially if you are extending a room and are ultimately going to have fewer windows and more space to brighten. The alternative? A glass house extension can give you all the space you are dreaming of, without any of the restrictions. It will be quick to build, easy to maintain and will offer you all the brightness you need to fall in love with your home all over again.

A glass house extension is considered to be one of the more modern ways of extending a house. A brick extension can give you more space and is a more traditional means of extending your space but it comes with its limitations. If you prefer to have a light, spacious feel within your home and you want additional space, this could well be the option for you. It gives you the option to sit in comfort, within your home, whilst also enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors.

These are some of the reasons why a glass extension can be the modern solution you are looking for when it comes to extending your home:

  • It’s quick to build. Modern technology makes a glass house extension very quick to build in comparison to a traditional brick extension. It often won’t even require planning permission to build and won’t need the same extensive amounts of groundwork before construction. A good glass room consultant and installer will be able to advise you.
  • You can make the most of outdoor living. In this busy modern world, it’s generally acknowledged that we should all spend more time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. This has many benefits for our health, including helping us to relax and unwind – something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Glass home extensions help to merge indoor and outdoor living. They are less like a conservatory and more like a part of the garden, giving you the feeling of freedom associated with being out of doors. At the same time, you have the protection of being indoors.
  • You will have a beautiful, bright space. Beauty and elegance are easily associated with a glass extension. You can enjoy the sunlight pouring in – or even enjoy the pouring rain, as if you were outdoors, but with a glass layer between you.
  • It gives you more space for your family. Modern living doesn’t have to be cramped. It’s possible to upgrade the space you have without the need to move home. A glass room extends you house and gives you more space to live your life, without the hassle and cost of a conservatory or traditional extension. It’s the ideal way to expand.

Is Aluminium a Good Rooflight Material?

Traditionally, rooflights have been made of uPVC, finished with a polycarbonate form of glazing inside the frame. These are functional rooflights, and they don’t look bad, but the’re now being usurped by a new material: aluminium. Sleek, attractive and completely synonymous with the modern home, aluminium is an excellent choice of both rooflight material and window and door materials. It has plenty to offer your home in terms of style, appearance and longevity.

Should you choose aluminium for a rooflight? The resounding answer is yes, absolutely. There are no downside – except possibly the price. If you find you can’t afford a flat glass aluminium rooflight or one of the more premium options, see if there are options for payment plans. If not, aluminium is worth saving up for. You can choose different on trend colours, like black, graphite and dove grey, complementing the design and colour scheme of the rest of your home.