It has been shown that the amount of heat that is lost through badly fitting windows and doors is huge and so replacing them can save people a substantial amount of money over the course of a year and make their home warmer and more comfortable. New energy efficient double or triple glazed units can be used to replace single glazed windows or older types of double glazing in the majority of homes and in most cases there is no need to apply for any planning permission for this work as long as it is carried out by a competent person under the FENSA scheme.Read More →

With the cost of gas and electric going up again, many of us are worried about how we are going to afford to heat our homes this winter. Lots of people are delaying putting on their heating and hoping that we do not have a bad winter as they simply cannot keep up the rising costs that may well go up again early next year. It is vital that we do everything possible to try and reduce the amount of energy we use and make our homes more efficient to reduce the bills. The first thing you should do is consider your insulation. This mayRead More →

When considering ways to increase the living space in a property some people decide to build a conservatory and with current planning regulations there is no need for planning permission for most conservatories. It is a good idea to think carefully about the construction of the extension because if it is to be used all year round there are some key features that need to be addressed. The material that is used for the conservatory roof is one of the major decisions that will need to be made and can be crucial in the cost and the functionality of the space. The traditional polycarbonate roofingRead More →

With the cost of houses going up many people are deciding to stay put and extend to give themselves the extra room they need. An extension can be single story, or if the foundations allow, double. This means you could potentially add 2 or even four rooms to your property just by building an extension. The building work for this type of projects not cheap and you will be looking in to the tens of thousands for even a single story but it can not only give you the additional space you need but it may add a substantial amount of money on to theRead More →

After a long season of rain, snow and sleet our gardens can be left looking messy, muddy and boggy with the grass either growing wild or trodden down into the mud. Looking out the window at natural grass during this season you may think, ‘why don’t we just get artificial grass laid’ but is it really the best option for your home? Artificial grass has become very popular with many people opting for this when having their gardens done, there are lots of different types of artificial grass all with varying prices depending on quality. Its also something that can be laid yourself if youRead More →

Electric gates are becoming increasingly common and are no longer just for big stately homes. There are many advantages to having an electric gate installed at you home. Initially you may decide to have one installed for security. It may be that you want to ensure that no one is able to come on to your driveway without your knowing. Security gates can often be installed with a range of different devices to control them. You may have a remote control or a button in your house that allows you to open and close them. You may also want an intercom installed to allow two-wayRead More →

Gates are a fantastic addition to a driveway. They can not only add a touch of class to your home, but they can also add an extra level of security. There are so many different types of gates on the market you need to do your research to find out which are the best ones for you. Firstly, you need to consider if you have some way of attaching the gates. It may be that you have a hedge and are going to have posts installed in which the gates will be attached to or that you want a wall building and have the gatesRead More →

If you have old style wooden doors and window frames in you home then you may decide that you want to upgrade to UPVC. Changing all your windows and doors can be expensive but somethings it is better to get them all done at the same time as you are likely to get a better price than if you had them done separately. Often the old style wooden doors and window frames do not have double glazed glass in. Double glazing makes a huge difference to the amount of heat you can retain. This will help reduce your energy bills which is more important thanRead More →

It is not long now until Christmas is here and many people are already dying to get their decorations put up. Most people wait until December to put their decs up but for some the middle of November is late enough. It is not just the inside of our houses that we like to decorate for the festive period. More and more people are investing in lights for the outside of the house too. With the awful couple of years that many of us have had due to the pandemic, people are wanting to make the most of the special time we get to spendRead More →

If you are currently in rented accommodation or living with parents or relatives then you may be looking to purchase your own home. These days, it’s is no easy task purchasing your own home as long gone are the days of 100% mortgages. Most mortgage companies like you to have at least ten percent deposits but ideally twenty percent. With the average three bedroom home in the UK costing in excess of two hundred thousand pounds that is a huge amount of money to have to save up. With the cost of living rising too, many young people are struggling to get their foot onRead More →