With the cost of houses going up many people are deciding to stay put and extend to give themselves the extra room they need. An extension can be single story, or if the foundations allow, double. This means you could potentially add 2 or even four rooms to your property just by building an extension. The building work for this type of projects not cheap and you will be looking in to the tens of thousands for even a single story but it can not only give you the additional space you need but it may add a substantial amount of money on to the value of your property.

It is important that the extension is done properly and that you obtain any planning permission you need before starting. You may also want to do some research in to the builders you are considering using to make sure that they are reputable and that they do a good job.

Be sure to have plans drawn up of the extension and try and plan out exactly where everything will go before the building work starts as making changes afterwards could increase your costs and make the project spiral above what you had budgeted.