The Most Modern Way to Extend your Home

Home extensions are becoming increasingly popular, as moving is so expensive and families don’t want the inconvenience. An extension can add a lot of space and a great deal of value – it’s a situation that most families see as being positive all round. Yet to build an extension is a lot of work, and it can be difficult to bring in much natural light to the space – you can very easily end up feeling closed in, especially if you are extending a room and are ultimately going to have fewer windows and more space to brighten. The alternative? A glass house extension can give you all the space you are dreaming of, without any of the restrictions. It will be quick to build, easy to maintain and will offer you all the brightness you need to fall in love with your home all over again.

A glass house extension is considered to be one of the more modern ways of extending a house. A brick extension can give you more space and is a more traditional means of extending your space but it comes with its limitations. If you prefer to have a light, spacious feel within your home and you want additional space, this could well be the option for you. It gives you the option to sit in comfort, within your home, whilst also enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors.

These are some of the reasons why a glass extension can be the modern solution you are looking for when it comes to extending your home:

  • It’s quick to build. Modern technology makes a glass house extension very quick to build in comparison to a traditional brick extension. It often won’t even require planning permission to build and won’t need the same extensive amounts of groundwork before construction. A good glass room consultant and installer will be able to advise you.
  • You can make the most of outdoor living. In this busy modern world, it’s generally acknowledged that we should all spend more time relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. This has many benefits for our health, including helping us to relax and unwind – something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Glass home extensions help to merge indoor and outdoor living. They are less like a conservatory and more like a part of the garden, giving you the feeling of freedom associated with being out of doors. At the same time, you have the protection of being indoors.
  • You will have a beautiful, bright space. Beauty and elegance are easily associated with a glass extension. You can enjoy the sunlight pouring in – or even enjoy the pouring rain, as if you were outdoors, but with a glass layer between you.
  • It gives you more space for your family. Modern living doesn’t have to be cramped. It’s possible to upgrade the space you have without the need to move home. A glass room extends you house and gives you more space to live your life, without the hassle and cost of a conservatory or traditional extension. It’s the ideal way to expand.

Is Aluminium a Good Rooflight Material?

Traditionally, rooflights have been made of uPVC, finished with a polycarbonate form of glazing inside the frame. These are functional rooflights, and they don’t look bad, but the’re now being usurped by a new material: aluminium. Sleek, attractive and completely synonymous with the modern home, aluminium is an excellent choice of both rooflight material and window and door materials. It has plenty to offer your home in terms of style, appearance and longevity.

Should you choose aluminium for a rooflight? The resounding answer is yes, absolutely. There are no downside – except possibly the price. If you find you can’t afford a flat glass aluminium rooflight or one of the more premium options, see if there are options for payment plans. If not, aluminium is worth saving up for. You can choose different on trend colours, like black, graphite and dove grey, complementing the design and colour scheme of the rest of your home.

Choosing Korniche Roof Lanterns to Improve your Way of Life

Choosing Korniche roof lanterns means making a beautiful decision for your home. These elegant and refined roof lanterns offer you everything you could possibly need from a roof lantern, bringing in plenty of natural light and giving you beautiful sky views above. If you want something that is more of a feature, and not just about letting in some additional light, then a roof lantern from the high-end brand Korniche could suit your very well.

What makes a roof lantern stand out from the crowd? They are more of an architectural feature than their rooflight and roof window cousins; a roof lantern usually has a pyramid construction and is much bigger than a standard roof dome. This means a more dramatic look and much more natural light coming into your space below. However, it isn’t just about the light. In this instance, a roof lantern is about creating a look and styling your home in a way that will make it more beautiful and more interesting. A roof lantern is a very popular method of updating and improving a home, making it a better place to live.

How does a roof lantern help to improve your home and way of life?

It might sound like a roof lantern has a lot to live up to when you say that it can improve your way of life. However, it really can – making your home a more beautiful, practical space is an excellent way of improving you day-to-day living. People who live in homes that they love tend to be happier and more relaxed, largely because they have a space to come home to that they love and appreciate.

A little extra light goes a long way. If you have a darker part of your home, for example, an extension that doesn’t get as much sunlight as it should, then this is the perfect spot to install a rooflight. It will light up the space and really improve the aesthetic, making you wonder why you left it so long to install one. If you want to make more of a feature of it, such as on a conservatory or extension roof, then a roof lantern might work well.

Why choose a roof lantern for your home?

A roof lantern is the perfect shape and size to dramatically light up and improve your home. It will bring in plenty of natural light and if you choose a premium brand like Korniche, it will have very slim sightlines. This means more natural light for you, and better views out of the rooflight for everyone. The clear glass will bring in so much more light than a window, and you will enjoy the enhancement to your environment straight away.

There are many brands to choose form, but Korniche is always a good choice. It offers a premium aesthetic and will be thermally efficient, so you don’t have to compromise at all when you choose a home instalment that looks beautiful. Choosing Korniche roof lanterns will improve your way of life.

Retractable or Permanent Awnings?

Retractable and permanent awnings both have their benefits, and the choice is an entirely personal one. If you want a more flexible awning, then retractable awnings will probably be the right option for you. If you’d prefer the awning to be a permanent feature in your garden, then you should choose a permanent awning or a garden terrace cover.

You will be able to look at examples when you are shopping for your awnings. If you visit a showroom or shop, you have the option to see awnings first hand. The installation professionals will be able to give you advice on operating your awning and will help you decide which kind is right for you. Retractable awnings are often the choice of homeowners, because it will be good to have that kind of flexibility. However, if you want it to be a design feature as well as a practical feature, then a glass veranda or cover could work for you.

Installing Glass Rooms and Conservatories for a Better Way of Living

Homes are getting smaller and space is getting tighter, and yet, moving home is becoming harder. House prices are soaring, and many families find themselves in a position where they cannot afford to move home, but desperately need some more space, especially once they start having children. It is a difficult position to be in, and one that can begin to affect your quality of life over time.

The solution? If you do have some money to spare, or you can take out a loan, then a great option is to improve the space that you have instead. There are many ways you can do this, with one popular option being a glass room conservatory. This will act like an extension to your home, except it will be a lot brighter, as the main material used in the construction will be glass. However, conservatories have come a long way since the uPVC old-fashioned structures you might be used to seeing. Conservatories have developed into a new trend: glass rooms. These are virtually transparent, allowing you panoramic views of the outdoors and lots of natural light coming into your home. It’s the modern way to enjoy a conservatory, without the need for a bulky construction that doesn’t add anything to your home.

Specifying your glass room – what do you want to get out of it? 

Glass rooms are not one size fits all – they are versatile constructions that can be tailored to suit your requirements, both practical and aesthetic. These are some of the options you can have with a glass room:

  • Heating systems. You can heat your glass room just as you would the rest of your home to make sure you can enjoy it at all times of the night or day. Choose a heating system that will work for you, like patio heaters for additional warmth.
  • Sliding doors. Open up your room to the outdoors when the weather is beautiful. Choose sliding doors that will open up and allow in lots of ventilation, as well as making it feel like you really are in the outdoors – but with all the comfort of indoors as well.
  • Roof lanterns and roof ventilation. It is possible to have rooflights, roof lanterns and hinged rooflights installed to keep the light and airy feel, but also to allow you to bring in some additional ventilation.
  • Lighting. There are various LED lighting systems you can install. This will keep your property and glass room light and bright, but it will also be convenient, as LED bulbs can last for many years.
  • Awnings. If you would like some more shade on the side of your building, why not choose to install a decorative awning? You will be able to choose from lots of different colours and designs to suit your tastes, and you can have a retractable awning if you don’t want it to be folded out all of the time.

A glass room is yours to decorate however you want. You can bring in elements from the rest of your home, or make it a standalone place where you can relax and spend time admiring the outdoors.

Installing Aluminium Windows in your Home

Aluminium windows are possibly one of the most popular types of window on the market at the moment. They are stylish, modern and long lasting, so if you like the look, you will also get a lot of use and years out of the windows. What is there to lose?

You do need to be aware that aluminium windows are going to be very expensive – they are one of the more premium window types on the market. However, they are very good quality and will be very tough, meaning they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. If you choose aluminium, they could even last for life.

As well as being high quality, aluminium will look incredible. Choose from a variety of RAL colours, including fashionable options like grey and graphite. You can also colour match windows to your doors and other home features, for an all-round fashionable and stylish look.

Why Might you Choose a Garden Room?

A garden room is a popular and beautiful home improvement product, that can make a world of difference to both your home and your lifestyle. It will help you to use your home in better ways, giving you more space to enjoy and filling your space with light. This is proven to help people be happier and more productive, so it is important that you focus on this when thinking about ways of improving and redesigning your home. If you aren’t quite sure what to do, and how to make your home into a space that really meets your needs, then think carefully about installing a garden room. It could just be one of the best decisions that you ever make for your property. Continue reading “Why Might you Choose a Garden Room?”