When it comes to decorating, you often find that you don’t do any for a while but then once you start you can’t stop. It is easy to get carried away with decorating and if you’re not careful you can take on too much at once. It is important to finish one job before starting the next. For example, if you are decorating your kitchen then try not to start another room until that one is finished.

If you have not done a lot of decorating before then you may need to pick which jobs you do yourself and which ones you pay someone else to do. If you need new flooring such as carpet or lino, it is often better to pay a professional to do it rather than attempt it yourself as one wrong cut could ruin the entire flooring.

Wall papering is a skill that you can learn quite quickly. Make sure that you are using the correct sort of paper and paste for the job. If your walls are quite rough and you are not going to have them replastered, then you need to use a thick wallpaper or lining paper underneath first.  Some wallpapers require paste the wall paste rather than paste the wallpaper. Be sure to check this before starting as the wrong paste may mean that the paper doesn’t stick.