Homeowners and tenants install driveway gates for myriad reasons. Some like the look of them and think they make their home look more sophisticated. For others, it might be about stopping other people parking in front of their driveway – they can have many practical benefits. But one of the main reasons people install driveway gates is to keep their property secure. Metal driveway gates are popular with people who are installing gates as a security measure, but just how safe are they really? Can they do much to enhance the security of a property?

To some extent, questioning the security of a metal driveway gate is like asking an impossible question. There are so many different variables, that it’s hard to give a general answer. However, as long as the gates are well made and strong, it’s likely that they are going to really enhance the security of your home, and go a long way towards securing it.

As with anything, there will be certain features that will make particular types of meta driveway gate more secure than others. If you are thinking of installing a driveway gate for your home and security is a top concern, then you might want to think about the following:

  • Choose taller gates. Some metal gates are short and are quite clearly just for decoration. They will provide little in the way of security benefits as a person could easily climb over the top of them. Choosing taller gates that aren’t easy to climb over is the simple answer for homeowners who care about the safety and security of their properties.
  • Be careful about the type of metal you choose. A material like steel will be a good option, as this is very strong and can’t be easily damaged or dented.
  • Keep your gates in good condition. As soon as metal driveway gates start to look older, they can become an easier target for thieves. If you don’t want your gates to give you away as an easy target, make sure you maintain them well. This will involve ensuring they are free from rust, they are well oiled at the hinges and they don’t have any visible damage on them.
  • Make sure your gates are the perfect fit. If you install gates that don’t fit into the opening properly, this is asking for trouble. It would be much easier to damage the gates, as they would probably be a little loose and won’t fit into the space properly. Take your measurements carefully and if you can’t find a set of metal gates that will fit perfectly, think about getting some gates custom made instead. This can be a great decision for people who have awkwardly spaced gate posts.

These are just some of the steps you can take to make your metal gates as secure as possible. Nothing is foolproof so you should maintain your gates well and uphold similarly high levels of security throughout your home. However, metal driveway gates can certainly help you to feel more secure in your house.