Finally it seems that summer has come to the UK although it is still quite up and down at the moment, we do seem to be having some nice weather. As we are never quite sure how long the good weather is going to last, it is important to try and get your garden ready in advance so you can make the most of it when the sun does shine. It may be that you want to build a patio are or decking and get some new furniture or maybe you want to create a play area for your children to enjoy.

It is important to think carefully about space when creating your perfect garden layout, especially if you have a relatively small garden. You need to think about where the sun is during the day, as you may want your child’s play area to be set up in the shade but your chairs to be set up in the sun. When it comes to play equipment, you are often limited by the space you have. Trampolines can be a lot of fun, but do take up a large amount of room. If you do not have room for a swing and frame then you may be able to attach a swing to a tree, this will not only save space but also keep the garden looking more natural as lots of people do not like the idea of having lots of bright plastic toys.