If you have recently decorated a room but it still doesn’t seem quite right, it could be that the lighting needs to be changed.

Lighting is so very important to the ambience of a room yet very often it is a bit of an afterthought. You may spend hours agonising over which wallpaper looks the best and which pictures or ornaments will complement the design, without really giving a thought to the lighting. You should try and decide what lights you want and wear prior to the decorating as if you need walls chasing out or new lighting circuits put in then you will want to have that done before you decorate.  

Dimmable bulbs are a great option as they allow you to have the light when you need to do something but make it more relaxing and calm when chilling out.

Many people install under cupboard lighting in the kitchen so they can have a subtle light on all the time. This is usually done by gluing an LED strip under the cupboards with can often be either battery powered or mains powered.

You can even have smart lighting installed in your home which can be controlled via an app or smart devices such as Alexa.