The kitchen: one of the most important parts of the home. In London especially, where space is always at a premium in the home, it’s essential that kitchens are designed and configured around the space that’s available, whilst still remaining elegant and function. There’s great demand for the luxury kitchens London homes boast, so much so that some companies specialise in designing and installing only the most high specification, premium kitchens. But what actually makes a kitchen luxury, and why is it so important to have a kitchen that makes a statement?

When looking at the meaning of the word luxury, two elements really stand out: elegance and comfort. Kitchens that are classed as luxury will go far above and beyond the usual and will stand out in a class of their own. This is especially important in London homes, for homeowners who want the very best.

If you are having a luxury kitchen installed, these are some of the features that might make it stand out:

  • Appliances. The ovens and hobs you choose will undoubtedly be from the leading luxury brands, giving you additional settings and cooking options. You might also choose more premium accessories such as warming drawers, waste disposal units and hot water taps. These are appliances that aren’t essential, but will make a big difference to a kitchen, placing them firmly in the ‘luxury’ bracket.
  • Work surfaces. The most standard worktops will usually be made of laminates, but if you’re having a truly premium and luxurious kitchen fitted, you might choose to go for something such as granite. Marble is also an option, though it will need to be properly sealed and often isn’t especially suitable for kitchens – granite tends to be the more practical choice. You might also choose an option such as hardwood, or mirror chip quartz if you’d like something sparkly.
  • Sinks and taps. Belfast sinks are the most obvious luxury sink type. If you have a more modern kitchen, you might also opt for an undermount sink, which will need to be fitted into a hard worktop. These are usually made of stainless steel and will really make a statement. You should choose taps that complement the sink you have as well, and make sure they’re in a finish that matches with the handles and other accessories in your kitchen. It’s key that everything looks uniform in a luxury kitchen.
  • Cabinet frontals. Choose high fashion options like high gloss, or more traditional wooden frontals. Often in more luxurious kitchens, frontals and cabinets will be handmade to order so that they fit perfectly into your kitchen (ideal for London apartments) and you can completely personalise their appearance.
  • Heating and lighting. Underfloor heating can really help to make your kitchen feel more special, and there’ll be no need for radiators, giving you back more wall space and making the room look more minimalist.
  • Refrigerators. Large American fridge freezers are highly popular and give your kitchen real personality. They’re available from some of the leading brands in kitchen appliances and come in various colours and finishes too, from pastel palettes to strong, modern colours like black and chrome.