Is Aluminium a Good Rooflight Material?

Traditionally, rooflights have been made of uPVC, finished with a polycarbonate form of glazing inside the frame. These are functional rooflights, and they don’t look bad, but the’re now being usurped by a new material: aluminium. Sleek, attractive and completely synonymous with the modern home, aluminium is an excellent choice of both rooflight material and window and door materials. It has plenty to offer your home in terms of style, appearance and longevity.

Should you choose aluminium for a rooflight? The resounding answer is yes, absolutely. There are no downside – except possibly the price. If you find you can’t afford a flat glass aluminium rooflight or one of the more premium options, see if there are options for payment plans. If not, aluminium is worth saving up for. You can choose different on trend colours, like black, graphite and dove grey, complementing the design and colour scheme of the rest of your home.