Replacing the internal doors in your home

When it comes to home improvements there are a number of different changes you can make that can have a huge impact. Some of the changes may be quite expensive to implement whilst others can be done on a very small budget.

One what to make a big impact is to change your internal doors. If you have plain doors that have no detailing or panelling then replacing then for ones that do can really make a room look more stylised and classier. New doors can cost upwards of £60 each but often you can pick up second hand ones for as little as £10 a door or possibly even for free!

When shopping for replacement internal doors it is important to remember that they are not all the same size. You do need to get accurate measurements and be sure to compare it to the doors that are already in place. If you get doors that are a little bit too big then you can simply plane some off the top or bottom, but if you buy doors that are too small then there is not much you can do and you will need to buy different ones.