Artificial grass in your garden, is it practical?

After a long season of rain, snow and sleet our gardens can be left looking messy, muddy and boggy with the grass either growing wild or trodden down into the mud.

Looking out the window at natural grass during this season you may think, ‘why don’t we just get artificial grass laid’ but is it really the best option for your home?

Artificial grass has become very popular with many people opting for this when having their gardens done, there are lots of different types of artificial grass all with varying prices depending on quality. Its also something that can be laid yourself if you are willing to follow online tutorial videos.

But artificial grass does have some downsides that are important to consider. If you have a dog at home that is going to have access to the grass then you have to be prepared that the level of maintenance for the grass will increase. If the dog uses the grass for the toilet you will need to regularly wash and sanitise the area to avoid lingering smells. There are specific disinfectant products on the market that can help with this so it’s worth doing your research. The other important thing to remember is that in the sun artificial grass gets to much higher temperatures than natural grass and can actually cause burns particularly to dogs paws that are very sensitive. So if you have a dog artificial grass may not be for you.

Creating a winter wonderland in your garden

It is not long now until Christmas is here and many people are already dying to get their decorations put up. Most people wait until December to put their decs up but for some the middle of November is late enough.

It is not just the inside of our houses that we like to decorate for the festive period. More and more people are investing in lights for the outside of the house too. With the awful couple of years that many of us have had due to the pandemic, people are wanting to make the most of the special time we get to spend with our friends and family. Creating a winter wonderland in your garden is the perfect way to bring some festive cheer not only to your home but to the rest of the street.

Christmas decorations and lights can be expensive so it is worth keeping an eye out for items in the sale. These can often be picked up in the January sales.

You need to ensure that any lights that you have for the inside or outside of your home are safe and are installed correctly. Only ever use proper outdoor sockets for pluggin in your lights on the outside of your property.

Is your garden summer ready?

Finally it seems that summer has come to the UK although it is still quite up and down at the moment, we do seem to be having some nice weather. As we are never quite sure how long the good weather is going to last, it is important to try and get your garden ready in advance so you can make the most of it when the sun does shine. It may be that you want to build a patio are or decking and get some new furniture or maybe you want to create a play area for your children to enjoy.

It is important to think carefully about space when creating your perfect garden layout, especially if you have a relatively small garden. You need to think about where the sun is during the day, as you may want your child’s play area to be set up in the shade but your chairs to be set up in the sun. When it comes to play equipment, you are often limited by the space you have. Trampolines can be a lot of fun, but do take up a large amount of room. If you do not have room for a swing and frame then you may be able to attach a swing to a tree, this will not only save space but also keep the garden looking more natural as lots of people do not like the idea of having lots of bright plastic toys.

Innovative Weinor Awnings – the Future of Fabric Roof Coverings

Fabric awnings give you a level of flexibility and design innovation that simply cannot be matched with other structures. Weinor fabric awnings are one of the most well-known and innovative brands, that can really add a lot to your home. When fitted properly, they might even be able to improve the value of your home – they will most certainly improve your lifestyle, if nothing else. An awning instantly makes your outdoor space more usable and more attractive, both good reasons to install an awning system in your garden.

When you choose the Weinor brand, you know that your home and your garden is going to be in good hands. Weinor is one of the most established and well-known awning brands in the UK, and their awnings are only supplied by leading suppliers. They should also offer installation so that your Weinor awning will operate just as it should. You can only enjoy a quality awning if it has been installed by experts who know how to fit it professionally.

Different types of Weinor fabric awnings 

These are some of the most popular awnings available from Weinor:

  • Cassita II
  • Opal Design II
  • Zenara
  • I/ K/ N 2000
  • Topas
  • Semina
  • Paravento
  • Livona
  • Semina Life

There are also a number of retractable awning models available. These are:

  • Pergotex
  • Plaza Home
  • Plaza Pro
  • Plaza Viva

Retractable awnings can be folded right in and hidden away, so that you only have an awning when you need one. This gives you the flexibility to use your garden and patio area however you please. Use the awning to give you some shade from the sun or light rain, or retract it so you can sunbathe.

Why is a Weinor awning a good investment? 

Weinor awnings come in many different colours and designs. They are fully adjustable and customisable, so you can have them fitted where you like. There is also the option of having supporting posts for a large awning, as this will allow the fabric to cover a larger surface area without it sagging in the middle. This will give the awning a more permanent look and feel, like a pergola or canopy.

Weinor is always going to be a good decision if you are looking for an awning. They take great pride in making their awnings high quality and high strength, so they can stand up to some tough weather conditions. Depending on the model you choose, your awning should be covered by a guarantee, which gives you extra peace of mind.

Weinor also provide a very good choice of awning. There are so many different fabric colours to select from. If you are a business, this gives you the chance to choose a patio awning that will fit in with your brand colours. Select a plain awning, or choose striped or patterned fabric to create a bold and stand-out look.

One thing is for sure – an awning will make a big difference to the way you use a garden space. It is an investment you will be glad you made.

Tropical Hardwood Decking Boards

Hardwood Decking Boards

The type of flooring material you get to choose for your decking needs will determine the entire outlook of your home. For that reason, it is important to carefully consider the flooring type you settle on when decking your home. Hardwood decking can be a good option for anyone looking for long-term elegant decking for their home. It is usually sourced from slow-growing trees and produces a great attractive look when the installation process is complete. Probably you are wondering why hardwood decking is the way to go when it comes to decking. Below we will look at the benefits that come with using hardwood decking boards for your flooring needs. Continue reading “Tropical Hardwood Decking Boards”