Stylish Thermopro Entrance Doors from Hormann

When you think about entrance doors, chance are, you think about Hormann. As a long-standing and highly reputable door brands, Hormann have a reputation as on of the leading names in the industry. Hormann Thermopro entrance doors are available in traditional and contemporary designs to complement the look of your home and make sure you have access to quality front doors that are bound to impress your friends and neighbours.

Why Hormann? 

As a company, Hormann are a good bet for your new entrance doors. They have been established in the UK for a long time and work on the principle that a good reputation has to be earned. This means they are always striving to improve their product range and keep it up to date, adhering to the needs of the modern-day homeowner. They are, in fact, one of the most successful suppliers of entrance doors in the UK. You know your doors will be good quality, but if anything does go wrong with them, you can also be covered by a comprehensive guarantee – this is a key advantage of choosing a bigger company.

What are the advantages of the Thermopro range? 

The Thermopro range is available in some more traditional designs as well as the highly contemporary, but all doors are modern in their construction and forward-thinking in their design. You can choose from a number of different patterns, including glazing if you prefer, and you will also have a choice in other important design elements, like the colour and door furniture. There are 15 standard colours to choose from, including bright shades like blues and greens as well as creams, greys and whites. There are also some wood grain finishes available on certain doors.

Security as a priority 

For Hormann, security is one of the most important aspects of a door design. A Thermopro entrance door will feature a sophisticated security system that is going to help make you safer in your home. There is the option for an aluminium fixing frame on every door, as well as a secure locking system, pivoting bolt lock and 3 additional bolts.

The range 

There are two door styles within the Thermopro range. These are:

  • Thermo46. This is a 46mm thick door that has a composite solid door leaf, double sealing, double pane insulation and the option of additional security equipment. Many homeowners choose the Thermo46 for its high functionality, as well as for its aesthetics.
  • Thermo65. This is a 65mm thick door with low u-values (meaning excellent insulation), a 5-point security lock and PU rigid foam infill. They give a premium appearance, as well as offering high levels of security, so you can feel safer in your own home.

When choosing between Thermopro doors, the decision will largely be person. You will be choosing the aesthetic that you prefer, as well as thinking about features like safety and insulation. You can narrow down the door options based on what it most important to you, before making your final selection and considering installation.

How to Find a Reputable Company for Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are important entryways on your property. From first impressions to security, they serve a number of important functions. It’s important you find the right company to replace doors and windows as they get tired and old.

Looking for a company can be difficult. However, it is often advisable to avoid the really big double glazing companies. They will try their best to sell to you at a higher price, on the spot. Smaller companies and more general home improvement companies tend to offer better customer service. This means they will be happy to go away and produce a quote for you, rather than directing you into making a decision on the day of their survey.

You also need to make sure you choose a company that offers quality products. Whilst smaller companies have many benefits, you should also make sure they will be able to offer you good brands with solid guarantees.