It has been shown that the amount of heat that is lost through badly fitting windows and doors is huge and so replacing them can save people a substantial amount of money over the course of a year and make their home warmer and more comfortable.

New energy efficient double or triple glazed units can be used to replace single glazed windows or older types of double glazing in the majority of homes and in most cases there is no need to apply for any planning permission for this work as long as it is carried out by a competent person under the FENSA scheme. It is at this stage that you should consider any changes you want to make such as replacing a large window with a patio door or replacing a standard patio door with bi-folding doors.

It is advisable to get a few quotes for the work as the cost of replacing multiple windows and doors can vary considerably. A way to cut back on the cost is to choose a style that has few opening lights in the windows as the number of opening lights does increase the price. Although the cost of updating the windows and doors in a property is expensive the savings that can be made on energy bills will soon recoup the costs.